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 Miami Glow Tanning is created and owned by Jennifer Newton. Miami Glow has been opened for 3 years and in those 3 years we have managed to be Voted Gold Winner our 1st year 2021 and Platinum Winner 2022 & 2023. At Miami it’s important to us to give the best services while maintaining a clean and positive environment for each and everyone of our clients.  We are a full-service Tanning Salon with something to fit everyone’s individual needs. We have 4 High-end UV Tanning Beds! Our NEW Vitality Total Light 3 sun Bed has Blue Light, Red Light & UV plus it’s the only one in Brantford/ Norfolk county and surrounding areas! 360° High-pressure sun Bed also the only one in Brantford/ Norfolk county, Turbo sun Bed & Stand-up Booth! This is sure to keep you glowing all year round. Indulge in our Mystic Spray Tan or enjoy our Health & Wellness Beds. We are home to Brantford’s first Cocoon Wellness Pod! Relax in the AquaFrixio Massage Bed! And our pure Red Light Therapy Booth will leave you feeling amazing! Stop in for a tour & make time for yourself!  THANK YOU to all of our wonderful clients! We wouldn’t be Miami Glow without you!


Cocoon Infra Red Pod

The Cocoon Wellness Pro is a full-body powered massage system with dry infrared heat situated within a pod of thermal energy.

It creates a rejuvenating and relaxing experience for everyone. Improve your health and the way you feel and look. Maybe you are seeking to get to the next level of your peak performance. The Pod offers a range of psychological and physical benefits. COCOON INFRA RED POD:

Our Cocoon Infra Red Pod is a 30 minute max lay down pod.

Infra Red Therapy has many roles in the human body, these include Detoxification, Pain Relief, Reduction of muscle tension, Relaxation, Improved circulation, Weight loss, Skin Purification, Lowered Side Effects Of Diabetes, Boosting Of The Immune System, and Lowering Of Blood Pressure. This pod has been known to make significant changes in people’s lives as it also helps with everyday Mental Focus and Clarity.

Infrared & Dry Heat Sauna Pod
· Ultimate relaxation
· Pain management
· Burn calories
· Detoxification

Palm Beach Customizable Bed

Palm Beach Customizable Bed:

Our Palm Beach Customizable Sun Bed has a 10 minute max and will take you to a different dimension. This Bed is the only one in Brantford/Norfolk County. This Bed allows you to pick your UV exposure from Sensitive giving you 75% UV, Medium giving you 85% UV and Intense giving you the full 100% UV. The cool thing about this Bed is it supplies Red Light & Blue Light Therapy all at the same time making this Bed a Triple Benefit Bed. The combination of Red Light, Blue Light & UV provides optimal tanning results. The addition of Blue Light enhances the tanning environment and provides an energizing experience during the session. For the first time the total light technology provides clients with full session control to focus on there individual tanning and colour development goals.

Blue Light Therapy is a form of light therapy that utilizes high intensity Blue Light to treat Inflamation, Stress, Sleep- wake cycle, break outs and much more. 

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses low wave length Red Light to improve skins appearance such as Reducing Wrinkles, Scars, Redness, and Acne. It’s also touted to treat other medical conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disease, TMJ, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, and many more.

Key West High Pressure Bed


Our Key West High Pressure Bed is a 12 minute max lay down Bed that will take you to absolute paradise. This Bed is also the only one in Brantford/ Norfolk County. Key West supplies instant result’s giving you the deep dark colour you desire. Key West makes a statement with 30 high pressure units perfectly aligned along the canopy and base, with it’s superior glass reflector technology and filter glass expertise. All operating controls are within easy reach and are marked with simple picture icons.

Delray Stand Up Booth


The Delray Stand Up Booth is a 9 minute max. The Delray is not only known for being a respected investment but also for creating beautiful results for our customers. The Booth supplies you with high performance colour and it’s easy to operate. The Delray is a delayed tanning booth which mean’s it take’s a few hours before your colour will come through, after a few hours results are stunning.

West Palm Beach Turbo Bed


Our West Palm Beach Turbo Bed is a lay down with a 12 minute max. The West Palm Beach has luxury comfort feature’s including the optional air conditioning. This bed has 46 UV lamp’s with 3 facial speghetti lamp’s that guarentee optimum tanning result’s and performance. For Beginners this is the best bed to start in as it is the lowest UV wave length intensity Bed at Miami Glow.

Red Light Therapy


Our Red Light Therapy Booth is a stand up with a 12 minute max. Red Light Therapy is a treatment that uses low wave length Red Light to improve your skin’s appearances, such as Reducing Wrinkles, Scars, Redness, and Acne. It’s also touted to treat other Medical Conditions such as Rosacea, Eczema, Pssoriasis, High Blood Pressure, Thyroid Disease, TMJ, Osteoarthritis, Tendinitis, and Much more.

Red Light Photo Rejuvenation & Platform Body Vibration
· Regeneration of collagen
· Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores
· Reduces the appearance of cellulite
· Improves skin tone and texture
· Stimulates circulation

Mystic Spray Tan Booth


Our Mystic Spray Tan Booth is a heated spray tanning system designed to consistantly deliver a flawless, customizable and natural looking tan. Mystic spray is the perfect choice for customers looking to create their own unique tan. The Spray Tan Booth is customizable to you and your intrest’s. Choose from Light, Medium and Dazzling dark for your cartridge, then we have a variety of add on’s such as bronzer’s that can help with achieveing that specific colour you’re looking for. Scent’s help with making you smell nice and fresh getting out of the Spray Tan Booth. There’s also Accelerator which balance’s your skin’s PH level’s which in turn give’s you a faster, deeper, darker tan. Balancing your skin’s PH level’s is important because it preps your skin for the tanning solution, resulting in an even absorption of colour. We have priming lotion that helps create a flawless canvas for  a flawless finish. While normal lotions contain oils that can break up or block spray tanning solution. Primers add just the right amount for even coverage. The Booth takes approximately 5 minutes.

Aqua Massage Bed


Our Water Pressure Lay Down Massage Bed does wonders. Feeling Muscle Tension, Tightness, Pain, or just need some relaxing you time? Have no fear our Aqua Massage Bed is here and will have you feeling like a million bucks in no time! This Bed will relieve Tension, Relax your Muscles and Relieve Pain. It has so many options you can choose to click Full Body Massage, Upper Body Massage, Lower Body Massage, Aqua Abs as well as the Customizable setting which allows you to pick and choose the areas you would like the pressure to hit, the speed of water the water going up and down the Bed.

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